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The main field of the company  “MARK-DESIGN” is the  computer design of    advertise models, working out of trade marks,  logotypes etc., painting and  selling of works of art and also  outside  advertisement  and  decorations




Works  of Vladimir Blokov, one of the best modern   artists    of  Russian Far East, will certainly attract all the  connoisseurs of art and art-lovers. He was born in the Nort part of Russia, on the 7th of May , 1961.   Like  the  most of talented people Vladimir doesn’t  like to talk much about himself, but  his paintings  can help us to  understand his inner world. The works of Blokov are very popular not only in Russia, but also abroad.

His paintings  express the beauty  of everyday life in all its  colors,   plenitude and  changeability.  Also  Blokov’s works  are notable for  their vivacity,  reflection of sensual beauty of the world, and only in  few of his pictures  (for example “Rain”)  we can see  some  melancholy   and sadness. 

Blokov’s paintings need not to be advertised.
   You can just cast a glance  at them  and understand  that  it is exactly what you need.  The paintings  show the beauty, harmony and love – all that is   so  necessary  in daily routine.

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